Hello, I am Captain Kyle Nall, Commander of the Kentucky State Police Academy.  I would like to cordially welcome you to our affiliate website.

First, Thin Gray Line CrossFit is the official CrossFit affiliate of the Kentucky State Police Academy. Our CrossFit affiliate is a nonprofit affiliate, so there are no membership dues. All you have to do is follow our website for information, WODs (workout of the day), and more. We can currently only allow agency members to workout at our facilities (for insurance reasons), but no matter who you are, you are welcome to follow our website and test yourself with our fitness regimen. If anyone wishes to download the SugarWOD app on their phone (it's also free), you can follow us there as well.  We utilize this app to announce our weekly workouts and track progress.      

This website is designed to be a place where you can test your limitations by following the same physical fitness programming as the cadets in the Kentucky State Police Academy. Our job is to build Troopers, test your limitations, and provide you with an understanding of what it truly means to be KSP Trooper fit. All of our workouts are "scale-able", so don't let the challenge intimidate you.

Personally, I encourage anyone following this website to find a CrossFit "box" near your home to get personalized coaching. There are a plethora of movements involved in a CrossFit regimen, and if you do not perform those movements with precision and proper form, not only will your workouts be less-than-efficient, but you also risk potential injuries. Read Week 1's blog and glean an understanding about why these workouts are designed the way they are, and also do some research on Rhabdomyolysis and the dangers involved in rushing into a challenging fitness regimen too quickly. There is nothing wrong with scaling, so don't let your ego interfere with your safety.

Lastly, I encourage you to have fun. Let these workouts be a way that you release stress, improve your overall health, and become the best version of yourself. Good luck to each and every one of you!

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this website are not a substitute for qualified medical advice from your personal physician.  Accordingly, the author, nor the Kentucky State Police, assume no responsibility nor liability for injury, illness, or other malady incurred on account of the information detailed within this website.  We strongly encourage independent research and the guidance of medical professionals as well as professional coaching before starting a physical fitness regimen, health supplements, and/or dietary changes.*
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