27 Jan

Historically, there are cadets who report to the Kentucky State Police Training Academy who aren’t physically prepared for the training. Typically, these cadets resign within the first few days (and at the most, weeks) of the Academy.

These workouts are being designed and provided for each of you, free of charge, to give you the tools to be successful. With that said, this information comes along with expectations of the physical condition you should be in upon your arrival. The workouts are not easy because the physical training we do in the Academy is not easy. In fact, these workouts are designed to give you a general idea of what your daily PT sessions will consist of. (Just because you can complete these, does not mean you are “fine” and do not need to continue to push yourself until reporting day!) You know your body and where you stand, so please do not make yourself another statistic of attrition. The attrition rate in the last two classes has been between 40-44%.

During our training, your PT regimen will consist of a combination of training styles. You will complete resistance training (weight lifting), calisthenics, CrossFit, running, and combat strength training. In this PT regimen, you will learn some new exercises. Our goal is not only to challenge you, but also to motivate you and train you to be (and stay) in the best physical shape of your lives. We do not have time to take a sedentary, out of shape individual and turn them into a PT stud, so it is necessary that you ensure you arrive in good physical condition.

This type of coaching has never before been provided prior to attending the KSP Academy. Take advantage of it. If you do not have the self-discipline to do so, it would be a hard sale for me to believe you have the self-discipline to don the badge and wear the uniform to continue our 70+ years of rich history and heritage. I wish someone would have provided me with all of this coaching prior to my Academy experience.

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